Rewellme app: reset your mindset.

 Hello, I'm Andrew Belaveshkin, doctor, writer and creator of Rewellme .

Having worked with patients in the field of preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles for a long time, I noticed that the biggest problem is not a lack of knowledge. People already know very well what is useful and what is harmful. The problem is the gap between knowledge and intention. Of course, some manage to jump over this gap by force of will, find themselves in a favorable environment, and have inspiring examples before their eyes. But for many people this is a difficult task.  

How to make it easier? I have always thought about this for a long time and looked for answers from experts and scientific research. How to create motivation? I noticed that metaphors are very effective. A well-chosen comparison, metaphor, contrast helped my patients faster than reasoning, and the effect lasted longer. The desire for simplicity and convenience is embodied in the Rewellme platform and the principle of coping cards.

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Principle 1: Image, Not Words

Rewellme recognizes that visual representations often have a more profound impact than words alone. When people struggle to understand their feelings or find solutions, images, visual metaphors, and contrasts can be highly effective in inspiring action.

Principle 2: Mental Contrast 

Rewellme employs a technique known as mental contrast. By flipping a card, two mental images are compared: one representing the current state and the other a more desirable one. This mental contrast creates a motivational spark, encouraging individuals to rethink their behavior.

Principle 3: Your Own Content 

While the success stories of others can be inspiring, the most enduring motivation comes from personal achievements and growth. Rewellme emphasizes the creation of personalized content, allowing users to develop their own tools and goals, ensuring they always have motivation at hand. It's essentially your "Instagram for yourself."

Principle 4: Scientific Basis 

Rewellme is rooted in scientifically proven methods, including mental contrast, memory cards, coping cards for cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the WHOOP method, if-then planning, and more.

What's Next? 

The current version of the application represents the basis of Rewellme 's functionality. The team behind Rewellme is actively seeking user feedback and suggestions to improve the platform. In the near future, they plan to introduce themed sets of cards, provide guidance on developing values (like moderation and courage), and enhance the platform's personalization features. 

This includes developing an algorithm for personalized card recommendations based on users' current states and improving AI capabilities for creating signatures and editing photos. Your input will play a vital role in shaping the future of Rewellme .